Nothing But The Best

When it comes to beauty, we become meticulous, demanding, perfectionists. When it comes to beauty, we don't want our expectations to fall far short from satisfying. We want the best, and in the ever-expanding realm of beauty, there should only be one authority — the experts.

Leading the Way


What started out as mere observation and criticism on failed and substandard eyebrow tattoos in the market, Momoi Supe took this as an inspiration to venture into 3D eyebrow embroidery in the hopes of proving that there is more to what the market offers, that he can do better, and indeed he can.

Strokes is a world-class, leading, and the most trusted beauty studio in the Philippines catering to permanent makeup and skin care services with 3D eyebrow tattoo as its signature service.

As a premiere services provider, it has pioneered some of the breakthrough technologies and treatments in the Philippine beauty industry. Launched on November 18, 2015, Strokes continues to address every beauty need and expands to provide more unparalleled products and services.

What sets Strokes apart from the rest?

Apart from world-class services provided to both women and men of all ages while ensuring client privacy, what sets Strokes apart from the rest are the many firsts that it has introduced to the Philippine market — KeraLift lash treatment, DermaEraze laser PMU & body tattoo removal, and Lash Glossing.

Experts You Can Trust


Momoi is the master behind the brand Strokes. He is an interior designer-turned award-winning makeup artist and is now a 3D eyebrow expert. Momoi graduated from the University of the Philippines, Diliman in 2004 with a degree in Interior Design. He finished the course Cum Laude. That same year, he earned the top 2 spot during the Interior Design Licensure Exam.

Momoi is the master artist at Strokes, specializing in 3D eyebrow tattoo, scalp micropigmentation, laser tattoo removal, and a Phibrows artist. Apart from these recognitions, Momoi is considered the eyebrow and lash lift king in the country for giving birth to KeraLift — the first and only FDA-approved lash treatment in the Philippines. As a beauty advocate, Momoi has attended (and continues to) various trainings here and abroad under international masters:

  • Irene Teo, Singapore
  • Rebecca Chung, Hong Kong
  • Alan Spadone, Brazil
  • Chuni Beaulo, Germany
  • Moshe Alul, Israel
  • Rusen Donmez, The Netherlands
  • Victoria Tomashivskaya, Russia
  • Svetlana Kuranova, Russia
  • Huong Phan, Vietnam
  • Branko Babic, Serbia
  • Different masters from China


Equally talented and multifaceted, Keighty is one of the senior artists of Strokes specializing in eyebrow tattoo and KeraLift lash treatment. She is also a coveted hair and makeup artist, Phibrows expert, and a businesswoman. Keighty boasts of rich knowledge, experience, and international trainings here and abroad.

  • Irene Teo, Singapore
  • Rebecca Chung, Hong Kong
  • Rusen Donmez, The Netherlands
  • Svetlana Kuranova, Russia
  • Dovile Zilinskaite, London
  • Megy Hodzic, Bosnia


Coming Soon!


Camille is a junior artist at Strokes specializing in eyebrow shaping. She is also a hair and makeup professional, offering a wide array of services to suit client needs. Camille shares that the most fulfilling part of her job is being able to literally change someone’s life.


Every eyebrow tattoo would not be half as successful without the talented hands of the eyebrow shaper, and senior artist Sean Clores defies all convention when it comes to perfecting brow shapes. Sean is also an award-winning hair and makeup artist, who now specializes in brow shaping, eyeliner and lip tattoo, and scalp micropigmentation at Strokes.

He trained with masters abroad:

  • Rebecca Chung, Hong Kong
  • Irene Teo, Singapore
  • Svetlana Kuranova, Russia


With a solid background in hair and makeup, junior artist Chanel uses her experience and aesthetic taste in brow shaping. Chanel believes in efficiency and excellence built on trust.