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AirLash by Strokes





KeraLift is a breakthrough product that promises to change how you wear and perceive your lashes. Another Strokes’ very own product, and the first and only FDA-approved and registered keratin lash lift in the Philippines, KeraLift is a keratin-infused lash enhancement treatment that boasts of only natural ingredients directly from the U.S. It is safe, free of thioglycolate acid, and has made beauty routine simple and easy.

What sets KeraLift apart from other lash perm treatments is not only does it add lift but it also gives tint to the lashes for additional length and volume, making them fuller, longer, and healthier.



InstaLush Eyebrow and Eyelash Serum

Out with the dull and boring and in with the awakened and fresh brows and lashes.

InstaLush Eyebrow and Eyelash Serum prides itself in stimulating hair growth and keeping them healthy and strong. This concentrated serum is best used at night. Packed with potent ingredients, InstaLush Serum helps your brows and lashes live up to their fullest potential.

InstaLush Nourishing Mascara

Finally, there is a multitasking product that we can all add to our morning beauty routine.

InstaLush Nourishing Mascara works double time than other average lash tubes. The perfect daytime serum that promises to condition and treat the lashes. InstaLush Mascara has growth factors that greatly enhance the hair strands, making each stronger and healthier. This wonder tube also adds the perfect glossy finish to your lashes, making them appear voluminous and so much healthier.


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