Beautiful endings lead to better beginnings!

It would be an understatement to say that this year was challenging in ways we never even anticipated. If 2020 was your year that never-should-have-been (it sure is ours), then make sure to bid farewell to it in the way that it never was: great.


1. Look forward to 2021’s adventures

Not all adventures have to be grand! The biggest realizations we all had during this year was how much of life we took for granted. The simplest of things, like going out to get coffee or simply walking down the street, now require maximum effort to keep ourselves and others safe. So best believe that the things we can enjoy, even in just the comfort of our own home, we’ll be making the most out of!


2. Shine light on all the good things that happened in 2020, no matter how little

Yes, it was not at all the year we imagined it would be, but in the moments -- no matter how few -- that there was light, it shined so brightly. Take in all the good, and appreciate the best in you that you bravely held onto to survive this year!


3. Treat yourself to your favorites

Because you deserve it! Self-love is power and comfort, and those are two things you should never compromise or settle without. All your Strokes favorites are equipped with both -- empowering statements and comfortingly high quality beauty -- and they’re here just waiting to be copped by you!


4. Surround yourself with your loved ones

It’s never about the size of your circle; it’s about who’s in it! The truest form of joy is knowing that you’re surrounded by people who’d go to the moon and back for you and with you, and we can’t imagine a better way to end a year that’s made all of us lonely at one point or another.  But of course, observe social distancing! We gotta be safe in order for us to enjoy the new year!


5. List down your resolutions (be fearless) & build up the motivation to stick to them!

Resolutions are arguably the best part of celebrating the new year, just ‘cause it signifies a clean slate that we all yearn for! For next year’s resolutions, come up with ones that are more fearless, because really, what are we holding back for? It’s nice to add some traditional resolutions as well, but the most important part is for us to build up the motivation and discipline to stick to our choices! Happiness is free, and it’s best enjoyed with a touch of hard work.

Now go and have a bangin’ year-end, Beautiful! May 2021 be your most beautiful chapter yet. From the Lab with love, Happy New Year!

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