Our Story

Before Strokes Beauty Lab was introduced to the world last September 16, 2020, Strokes as a brand was a premier eye beauty studio that had made a name for itself in the Philippine brow beauty scene. 

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio by Momoi Supe is the pioneer and the only eye beauty studio in the country, and its success was just one of the many visions that Founder and CEO Momoi Supe had.  

Because of the realized potential of his services, high-grade beauty standards started to become a norm in his eyes. That sight brought forth another vision, and then the lightning bolt idea moment hit: why confine the potentials of his artistic creations in a room when he can bring them to the world?

After years of being only a ruler away from 30,000 brows, cementing his authority as a brow artistry maven, Momoi then created his own line of cosmetic products calibrated to professional standards and made them readily available to millions and millions of beauty enthusiasts all around the globe.

What was once a vision soon turned into global domination. Designed to break barriers, challenge beliefs, and cross oceans, the Filipino cosmetics brand brings you makeup artistry in the palm of your hands.

Strokes Beauty Lab is here to promise everyday confidence in the new era of beauty, where beauty is defined by you.