Strokes Beauty Lab has been making its wave in the local and international press since its arrival in the industry, and has now been featured in over 300 publications worldwide! Check out some of the publications that are talking about the new era of beauty right now!



The launch of STROKES BEAUTY LAB in September was (pun intended) a stroke of genius. At a time when going to your favorite brow artist is not quite an option, eye brow makeup is your best option. The Microblade Pen Perfector is a heaven sent for anyone who believes that 'good eyebrows are life.'" 



The introduction of its lip collection. . . will further solidify the Manila-born brand’s status as the home of world-class makeup artistry.



Nudes and bold colors in a wearable, buildable formula? Sign us up.


Mega Magazine

Strokes Beauty Lab is empowering all multi-faceted women with a click and swipe of color on the lips.



 [The Velvet Click Stick Collection’s] sleek, click stick packaging provides a steady grip that'll make copping a blurred or defined pout just like Sarah's [Lahbati] easy peasy.


Manila Standard

The #LipItUpAnyDay campaign showcases the variety of roles that the everyday woman and man can play outside of their usual personas


Mega Magazine

"As the brand expands its venture in the beauty industry, Strokes Beauty Lab is breaking barriers and crossing borders to bring the Philippine-based brand to the global market. . . The Microblade Pen Perfector is brow artistry made tangible and the first peek into the world that Strokes Beauty Lab is about to unveil: a new era of beauty, defined by you."


"This liquid brow pen [Brow Painter] has a sheer but buildable formula that creates the most natural-looking strokes." 

"The Microblade Pen Perfector is designed to mimic microblading by giving you precision and longevity like no other makeup product can provide."

"True to the brand’s nature, this product shines a light on natural eyebrow strokes while beautifying its full brow-game potential. True to its name, the Microblade Pen Perfector ensures that perfection results from any #BrowtifulAnyday look."

"This line busts the myth that excellent results require hefty price tags, as each one promises superior quality than can be comparable to pricier counterparts out there."

"Strokes’ venture from local excellence to intercontinental prestige is set to become an impactful moment in Philippine — and eventually, global — cosmetics history. Bringing everyday confidence to beauty enthusiasts from all over the world through its makeup artistry, its unique, ambitious, and fearless vision will not only put the brand on the map; it will signify the dawn of a new era of beauty."

". . . a Filipino cosmetics brand that is bringing innovative beauty products to the world stage."

"Leading the brand’s threshold cross from service to products is the introduction of the Microblade Pen Perfector, a bleed-proof and long-wearing brow beautifying tool that makes perfection a norm rather than a standard."

"The Brow Artist Collection, which consists of five products, is Supe’s way of bringing his artistry to the world."

"Momoi and team spreads light and beauty during the days when we need it the most."

"This liquid brow pen has a sheer but buildable formula that creates the most natural-looking strokes."

"With Strokes Beauty Lab now becoming a globally recognised brand, the promise of true everyday confidence is more attainable than it has ever been."

"Momoi’s products were designed to embody the makeup artistry made famous with internationally recognised brands but at a much more accessible price."

"What sets Strokes apart from other beauty brands is its roots that blossomed into a level of mastery and expertise that they translated into a line of readily available cosmetic products."