6 Wellness Treatments To Try For That Holiday Glow

The holidays are always an exciting time. From non-stop reunions with friends and family to all kinds of joyous occasions and parties! But the thing about the holiday season is it can be stressful. As it’s the end of the year, it’s often the most hectic one at work; not to mention the traffic that magically happens during the last two months.

Experiencing all this stress can wreak havoc on our skin—think dark circles from lack of sleep, sudden acne breakouts head to toe, dullness from stress, and dark spots that never seem to fade.

It’s a good thing then that Strokes Nail Spa and Wellness Studio opened recently at Ayala Malls Vertis North! The same brow master who brought you expert brow and lash care, plus beloved beauty products like the Microblade Pen Perfector and Face Sculpt, comes a one-stop shop for all your hand, face, and foot needs.

So whether you’re tired from a long day of work or want to give your skin a pick-me-up, find your perfect wellness treatment at any of Strokes Nail Spa and Wellness Studio’s offerings:

1. For the one who’s always staring at a phone or computer: Eye Relief Spa Treatment

Cost: P5,000 Looking at a screen is a norm in our lives, but too much can lead to headaches, eye soreness, and more. So, on your next screen break, make it count with the Eye Relief Spa Treatment! It’s a 10-step eye indulgence that uses Nanometer Atomization Technology (a first in the Philippines!) to reduce eye fatigue, brighten dark circles, relieve skin dryness, relax your eyes, and optimize nutrition infiltration.

2. For the one who has a full to-do list from dusk ‘til dawn: Stress Relieving Spa Treatment

Cost: P1,000-P1,500 Try our Stress Relieving Spa Treatment when you need a pause from all the hustle of reaching deadlines, attending events, and commuting to and from work. It has a perfect blend of lavender and mint to invigorate your mind while soothing irritated skin and reducing muscle spasms and nerve pain! Trust us, after one session, you’ll leave happy and energized.

3. For the one who wants to indulge: Anti-Ageing Cocoa Boost Spa Treatment
Cost: P2,500-P3,000 Has your skin ever been washed with chocolate? Well, it’s about to be with the Anti-Ageing Cocoa Boost Spa Treatment! Thanks to the bioactive compounds and delicious scent of finely ground cocoa melted into a decadent lather, your skin becomes softer and supple. Plus, it activates your “happy hormones” and comforts you while being pampered.

4. For the one who aims to tighten everything: Skin-Firming Coffee Spa Treatment

Cost: P2,500-P3,000 Give your hands and feet a dose of caffeine with the Skin-Firming Coffee Spa Treatment. After applying a handmade scrub of roasted coffee beans, you’ll instantly notice plumper skin and a reduced appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and cellulite!

5. For the one who wants to combat dullness: Brightening & Detoxifying Spa Treatment
Cost: P1,000-P1,500 Replenish your skin with the Brightening & Detoxifying Spa Treatment! Mango and mandarin orange’s antioxidant and antiseptic properties naturally promote skin cell turnover, revealing radiant, smooth, and healthy skin.

6. For the one who wants the crème de la crème of wellness: 20 Botanical & Golden Opulence Spa Treatment
Cost: P4,000-P4,500 Want a treatment that’ll make you feel ultra pampered? The 20 Botanical & Golden Opulence Spa Treatment will speak to your soul. It’s pure relaxation the moment you sit down as 20 botanical dried flowers and fruits wrap around your skin and prepare it for salt therapy. During the salt therapy, two kinds of hand-picked salt reduce swelling, soothe tired muscles, and gently exfoliate the skin! After, your skin will be wrapped in a lush Bulgarian Rose-based formula and Bio-Cellulose ingredient to rebuild your skin barrier and ensure better protection and hydration.

Book your next holi-glow wellness treatment at Strokes Nail Spa and Wellness Studio! Call 0917 102 5189 to get an appointment today.

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