Baby-fied Brows? Get Them Done Right At Strokes Eye Beauty Studio

The latest beauty trend to get the "baby" treatment is brow lamination. Brow lamination is a noninvasive procedure that involves straightening your brow hairs so they lie straight, full, and in one direction, making your brows look bigger and bushier.

Baby brow lamination is a similar process, but it only tackles the beginning section of your brows, creating a softer and more flexible look.

This trend has been popular for a few years and is likely here to stay, thanks to its versatility. It offers a less dramatic look than traditional lamination, while still reducing your getting ready time. If you're interested in learning more about baby brow lamination and where to get them, read on.

At Strokes Eye Beauty Studio, we are passionate about enhancing your natural beauty, and our brow lamination service is the perfect way to achieve fluffy, full brows without the drama. Our expert brow artists are dedicated to providing you with the latest in brow artistry, and our commitment to excellence ensures that you will leave our studio with perfectly crafted and perfected brows.

Kerabrow: P2,500

When you visit any of our studios for our brow lamination service, you can expect a personalized and professional experience. Our artists will work with you to understand your unique style and preferences, creating a softer and more flexible look with the baby brow lamination technique.

Brow Sculpting: P20,000 - P30,000

Whether you're looking for a subtle enhancement or a bolder brow transformation, Strokes Eye Beauty Studio is the ultimate destination for all your brow sculpting needs.

To experience the magic of baby-fied brows, book an appointment at a Strokes Eye Beauty Studio near you and take the first step towards effortless, beautiful brows.

Find us at Greenbelt, Molito, Ayala Vertis North, and Shangri-La Plaza.

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