#BeautyDefinedByYou: Alice Dixson discovers her Perfect Brows with Strokes CEO Momoi Supe

The quest for perfect eyebrows has become a global phenomenon. But what if we told you that perfection isn't just about achieving a certain look, but about embracing and enhancing your natural beauty? 

Award-winning actress and our Brow Muse Alice Dixson certainly seems to think so, as she embarked on a transformative journey with Strokes Eye Beauty Studio. Let’s delve into her collaboration with Strokes Eye Beauty Studio and how she redefined what "perfect brows" mean for her.

With her striking beauty and on-screen versatility, she has been a prominent figure in the Philippine entertainment industry for decades. Her work spans various notable television dramas and films, earning her a dedicated fan base. Throughout her career, she has always been known for her radiant appearance and elegant style.

The Quest for Perfect Brows

In the world of showbiz, appearances play a significant role, and maintaining a polished and glamorous look is essential. For Alice, this meant paying close attention to her physical assets, and one of which is her eyebrows. 

Brows, often referred to as the "frame of the face," can dramatically affect one's overall appearance. Over the years, she experimented with various brow shapes and styles, always striving to find the perfect look that would enhance her natural beauty.

Throughout the years, Alice’s preferences in her physical features have changed. She had already visited Strokes Eye Beauty Studio, sought-after for its expertise in brow sculpting and make-up years ago, back when she wanted her brows to look perfectly arched and defined. 

In the beginning of 2023, Alice yet again embarked on a beauty journey that would redefine her perception of "perfect brows." This time around, she partnered with the renowned local beauty brand at the helm of its talented CEO and Master Brow Artist, Momoi Supe. 

She’s got a vision and an initial request: follow her natural hair’s upward strokes. Little does Alice know, she’s in for a transformative brow experience.

Momoi Supe: The Master Behind the Magic

This was more than just a makeover; it was a transformation guided by the hands of a master. Momoi Supe, the creative genius behind Strokes, is renowned for his unparalleled expertise in sculpting brows.

His unique approach to brow artistry focuses on enhancing each client's natural beauty, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all look. 

Alice experienced firsthand the magic of Momoi Supe's brow artistry in his Brow Plan. Instead of pursuing the conventional "perfect brows" that often involve overly structured and uniform shapes, Momoi took a different approach. He sought to understand Alice's unique facial features and her personal style or preference in two procedures, ensuring that her brows complemented her natural beauty rather than overshadowing it.

They started off with microblading, which mimicked hair-like strokes in upward direction, to Alice’s liking and granting her wish! Then, Momoi went beyond the norms and created techniques suited for that request and proceeded with Kerabrow, or the keratin-infused brow lamination next, which only a master brow artist could pull off and make work. 

Alice was also reminded by Momoi Supe to use the best-selling Strokes Beauty Lab’s duo, the Brow Fixer and Microblade Pen Perfector to fully achieve and maintain her Brow Plan!

Brow Fixer

Microblade Pen Perfector 

The transformation was not just about her brows; it was about Alice Dixson's journey to redefining and owning her beauty. In her new Bushy Brows, she realized that true beauty lies in embracing one's individuality, and her brows became a reflection of her authenticity. Momoi Supe's artistry not only enhanced her facial features but also boosted her self-esteem.

This team-up serves as a reminder that true beauty is not about conforming to standards but about celebrating what makes each of us unique. Strokes lets it known to their loyal and prospective clients that they will always find the balance between craftsmanship and unparalleled service.

Want to get into your best brows yet like Alice? Book an appointment in one of the Strokes Eye Beauty Studios nearest you. 

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