Eye beauty has forever been a puzzle, but the two pieces in the form of empires have come together to complete the picture.

Belo Medical Group, the country’s leading cosmetic and dermatological clinic, is partnering up with a beauty brand for the first time in its 30-year reign! 

In line with the launch of the #Belofeye campaign, which features a series of premium eye treatments, Strokes is working hand-in-hand with the top beauty empire to frame the #Belofeye-d look with strokes of artistry.

Dr. Vicki Belo recognizes the perfect marriage of the brands, thanks to the shared goal of bringing eye beauty to new heights and sights.

“We’re so happy that we found our perfect match for [#Belofeye]!” Dr. Vicki excitedly remarked. “We can do everything but create a wonderful eyebrow, so that’s why we reached out to Strokes because they create the best eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the eyes and complete the whole picture.”

Momoi Supe, the mind behind Strokes, is beyond thrilled to have finally announced the reveal of this partnership that has been in the pipeline for a year preceding the launch.

“I have always, always, looked up to Belo, and my colleagues and clients can attest to this,” said Momoi. “The fact that my brand gets to be their partner now — their very first one at that — is more than just a dream come true; this is a vision fulfilled.”


Strokes will now be offering its clients vouchers for #Belofeye treatments and FillMed products, and Belo to its clients for Strokes services that focus on the lash and the brows, and Strokes Beauty Lab products!

To find out how to get your #BelofEYEwithStrokes e-vouchers, just send us a message through our ChatBot! 

Starting today, see the world… it’s in your eyes.


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