#BloomWithKim: Strokes’ First Ever Celebrity Collaboration

The power of beauty any woman holds begins with just a simple full-bloom smile painted with colors. A hint of tint on the lips, cheeks, and eyes that will make you exquisitely and charmingly beautiful. 

Just like how flowers bloom and spread their beauty effortlessly despite adversities, Strokes aims to empower and encourage women to bloom at their peak through beauty defined by You. We are so excited to introduce the woman that upholds the same goal as we have,

She is charming. She is alluring. And she is blooming. 

She is Kim Chiu.

The international charmer and the ‘femme fatale with many charms’ is now giving us the NEWEST beauty item that will make you #BloomAnyDay this summer! Beauty gals and enthusiasts, your next fave multi-use product has arrived with the LIMITED EDITION Mousse Melt Collection by Kim Chiu!

Just another go-to beauty item with a makeup-skincare hybrid formula that will bring out the beauty in you in just a few blends. Infused with Ceramides, melt this skin-caring ingredient to repair the skin barrier and combat your skin’s signs of aging while wearing that perfect pop of color you just need. 

This pocket-friendly product gives you 3 blooming shades that will surely melt hue to your every mood!

 Peach Lotus a shell-pink peach

Mauve Blossom an everyday mauve

Burnt Azalea a muted brown red

Just follow the 3 easy steps: squeeze, dab, and blend. And you are ready to blossom any time, any day, beautiful!

Never miss to bloom this season for only ₱398.00 each at www.strokes.ph, Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok & Zalora!


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