Make way for the majesties, then follow their way to the throne. The new crowning glory is brows!

From universe-hailed beauties to reel and real-life Darna’s, Strokes Eye Beauty Studio has worked on some of the most recognizable, royal-tier brows in the industry. If you’re wondering what all the Brow Sculpting (a.k.a. microblading) hype is all about, then look no further --

We’ve rounded up the Top 10 Celebrities that will prove that brow beauty is a sovereign that anyone can conquer with a stroke or two:


1. Catriona Gray


With her stare that’s as famous and fierce as her iconic lava walk, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is impossible to mistake for anyone else. No matter what look she has to pull off (and this versatile beauty has so many looks she’s already icon-ized), she pulls off brow-tifully.

The Brow Artist: Momoi Supe 


2. Angel Locsin

When she’s not busy starring in some of the most memorable TV Shows to date or playing a real-life version of Darna by using her voice for good, she’s busy taking classic and timeless beauty to a whole new level with brows that speak volumes. 

The Brow Artist: Momoi Supe


3. Nadine Lustre

The term “wow factor” was invented to describe Nadine Lustre, okay? Sorry, we don’t make the rules. Whether she’s stunning in full glam or breathtaking in her natural no-makeup look, her brows never go unnoticed, simply because of how perfect they are every. single. time.

The Brow Artist: Keighty Wong


4. Marie Lozano

How exactly does Lifestyle Journalist Marie Lozano style her everyday life? With a pair of perfect brows! This adventurer has been to so many places and has seen so many breathtaking sights all over the world, but she’s a view herself. 

The Brow Artist: Keighty Wong


5. Sofia Andres

Sofia Andres giving us baby and brow fever at the same time, because man, she’s got it all. This beauty goes about her day so beautifully without having to do much, and we’re giving the credits to her always-on-fleek brows and her natural glow.

The Brow Artist: Keighty Wong


6. Chie Filomeno

Chie is the chick you can count on to either tear up the dance floor or wow a red carpet. She’s not afraid to slay and play, because who would be when your brows are prepared to make you look beautiful anytime, anywhere?

The Brow Artist: Momoi Supe


7. Margie Moran

The truth is, there can never be another Margie Moran. She’s the epitome of sophisticated and posh, and she’s never afraid to raise a brow or two, because for one: she can. And two, they’re majestic.

The Brow Artist: Keighty Wong


8. KC Concepcion


Huge girl crush alert! KC Concepcion is just a girl who has it all, and we’re not even mad because everything about her is so inspo material. Our top KC envy? Those brows. And we know you can see why!

The Brow Artist: Momoi Supe


9. Alice Dixson

Admit it: ever since you saw Alice Dixson as Dyesebel, she just never left your list of the most beautiful women you’ve ever laid eyes on. Her dreamy allure is complemented by a pair of dreamy brows that we’d recognize from an ocean away.

The Brow Artist: Momoi Supe


10. Pia Wurtzbach

If there’s anyone destined to have the most memorable crowning moment in Miss Universe history, that’s Pia Wurtzbach. This beauty was born to be remembered: her signature always-flawless brows along with her legacy.

The Brow Artist: Momoi Supe


It’s time to follow the queens’ lead and crown yourself with a pair of royally beautiful brows! Message @strokesbeautyph now to book your Brow Sculpting appointment at the Strokes Eye Beauty Studio near you!

About the Artists:


Momoi Supe is the mind behind Strokes. He is an interior designer, turned award-winning makeup artist, and is now a brow sculpting expert who has been dubbed as the industry's brow king. 



Keighty Wong - Keighty is a remarkable expert at Strokes who is notably known for being the only artist in the Philippines to have perfected the bold brows technique, which demands the most number of realistic hair-like strokes flawlessly drawn.

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