Build Your Glamorous and Sparkling Holiday Look with Strokes Eye Beauty Studio’s Bespoke Lashes

'Tis the season to sparkle and shine, and what better way to do so than with a pair of stunning lash extensions? They are the secret weapon to effortlessly elevating your holiday look by adding length, volume, and that coveted touch of glamour to your eyes, and creating a captivating allure that is perfect for the season.

Step into the enchanting world of holiday beauty at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio, where we've curated the ultimate lash menu to help you achieve that mesmerizing gaze that will leave a lasting impression at every festive gathering!

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio: Where Glamour Meets Expertise

Nestled in the heart of beauty and elegance, our sought-after services boast a team of skilled lash technicians ready to transform your eyes into a dazzling masterpiece. Their commitment to quality and precision is unmatched, ensuring you leave with eyes that not only sparkle but also steal the show.

One of the standout services at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio is our Bespoke Lashes. Here, clients have the freedom to choose from a range of styles that cater to every personality and occasion. Whether you're aiming for a flirty doll look, a subtle or natural wispy effect, or even the bold allure of volumized wing, Strokes has you covered.

With Bespoke Lashes, you can even request specific styles or even work with our expert technicians to create a look that is uniquely yours. Don’t worry, this service is ultralightweight and hypoallergenic too!

Bespoke Lashes range from P2,500 for natural styles up to P3,000 for volume styles.

Imagine the joy of donning lashes that perfectly match your festive attire or capturing the essence of your holiday spirit – it's all possible with Strokes Eye Beauty Studio.

With four conveniently located branches, you can relax in our chic and cozy studios as the skilled technicians work their magic, ensuring every lash is perfectly placed. The result? Eyes that sparkle with holiday magic, leaving you ready to embrace the festivities with confidence and flair.

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio also prioritizes the longevity of your lash extensions. We will provide guidance on proper maintenance, ensuring your lashes remain flawless throughout the holiday season. With a few simple care tips, you can enjoy your stunning lash extensions well beyond the festive celebrations.

Treat yourself to the luxury of Bespoke Lashes and more at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio. Let your eyes become the centerpiece of your glamorous look, capturing the spirit of the holidays with every flutter.

Book your appointment now and we’ll have you looking and feeling fabulous throughout the most wonderful time of the year. Visit a Strokes Eye Beauty Studio near you or contact us directly at Vertis North (0917 777 2259), Shangri-La (0917 777 1058), Greenbelt (0917 777 2306), and Molito (0999 877 5115).

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