Check Out Which Mousse Melt Shade You Should Wear For Your CNY Celebrations

Gong Hey Fat Choi
! The Year of the Dragon is upon us and this long weekend is the perfect time to get your Angkongs, Ahmas, aunties, and uncles together. Got your outfit ready? Don’t forget your makeup look, too!

There are so many fun makeup trends to try, but for the Lunar New Year, why not keep it classic with a monochromatic look? It’s quick and easy to do, plus it looks beautiful with groomed brows, fluffy lashes, and natural-looking skin. Kim Chiu’s look is the perfect inspiration! 

Her look highlights the three Mousse Melts (P398 each) she released with Strokes Beauty Lab. Each shade is named after a Chinese flower: the Lotus (for enlightenment and renewal), the Blossom (for hope and new beginnings), and the Azalea (symbolizing home)! With a gel-cream formula enhanced with Ceramides—a powerhouse ingredient that repairs and strengthens your skin barrier—you can rest assured your skin will get some loving while you honor years of traditions.

Wondering which shade you should wear for New Year’s? Keep scrolling!

Peach Lotus while helping your family cook treats

The lightest and daintiest shade out of the trio, Peach Lotus is the ultimate daytime hue for low-key gatherings or pre-party prep. Stick to this pink peach while the sun’s up and you’re cooking tikoy, noodles, dumplings, and more! If applying it on your lids is too much, just opt for a few dabs on your cheeks and lips for a light and pretty look.

Mauve Blossom during that New Year’s Eve reunion

A deeper hue like Mauve Blossom is perfect when the Lunar New Year party is in full swing. The pinkness of the mauve will brighten up your face. Your family will keep asking what you’re using to look so blooming!

Tip: Want to make your cheeks look snatched without applying a contour product like Face Sculpt? You can totally do that with this shade! Apply Mauve Blossom where you normally contour—on the hollows of your cheeks—and blend upwards for that sculpted effect.

Burnt Azalea for fancy, sit-down dinners

If your Chinese New Year party is more formal, Burnt Azalea is the shade for you. We’re sure it’ll go well with the red outfit you picked and the ang pao you’ll be giving your little cousins or nieces and nephews. Unlike a regular cool-toned red, Burnt Azalea is muted with hints of a brown undertone. It’s not as bright, so it can look natural depending on how much you layer over your eyelids, cheeks, and lips. You know, like you’re flushing because it’s hot! 

Head to your nearest Strokes Eye Beauty Studio to shop the Mousse Melts by Kim Chiu and have a happy New Year! Or, if you prefer shopping online, they’re also available at Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop.

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio is located at Ayala Vertis North, Greenbelt, Shangri-La Plaza, and Molito.

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