Embrace and Achieve the 90’s Main Character Energy


In recent years, we've seen a resurgence of 90s fashion and beauty trends, with countless individuals embracing the iconic "main character" energy you see in chick flicks that defined the era. 

From chokers to baggy jeans, the 90s have made a triumphant return, and it's not just in fashion—it's also in beauty. Thanks to AI Yearbook photos that have been trending recently, it's clear that the 90s main character look is more popular than ever. So, how can you achieve this nostalgic yet timeless look in real life? Look no further than Strokes Beauty Lab, as we’ve got you!|

Flawless Complexion with Flawless Veil 

The 90s main character look often starts with a flawless complexion. Achieving radiant and healthy-looking skin is the first step in capturing that iconic energy. Strokes Beauty Lab offers the perfect solution with their latest Complexion Veil collection. This line includes foundation, concealer, powders, and even make-up brushes and tools designed to give you a smooth and natural finish. 

Bid imperfections goodbye and say hello to the perfect canvas for your 90s-inspired makeup!

Photo from Toni Sia (@tonisiaa in Instagram)

Bold Brows with the Perfect Duo

If you've noticed the 90s main character photos trending, you'll see that bold brows were a staple of the era. Strokes' best-selling duo, the Microblade Pen Perfector and Brow Fixer is your ticket to achieving those statement brows. 

Whether you prefer a natural, feathered look or a more defined arch, these products have got you covered. Choose from a range of shades to find the perfect match for your hair color and style those brows to perfection.
Photo from Sarah Lahbati(@sarahlahbati in Instagram)

Sultry Eyes with Eye Paint Duo

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and in the 90s, they were framed with sultry eyeshadow shades that screamed confidence. We offer stunning pairs of eyeshadow that will transport you back to the 90s while keeping your look fresh and modern. 

Whether you're into earthy tones, smoky eyes, or shimmering neutrals, the Eye Paint Duo will help you create endless captivating looks.

Photo from Kylie Verzosa (@kylieverzosa in Instagram

Luscious Lips with a Powerful Combo

No 90s main character look would be complete without luscious lips. Our Pout & Plump Lip Combo gives you the duality you want, from matte to satin or even velvety finishes, that are long-lasting and comfortable to wear. 

Choose from an array of shades that range from classic reds and browns to soft pinks, allowing you to channel your inner main character with every application.

Photo from Kris Bernal (@krisbernal in Instagram)

Blush and Bronze for Cheek Goals

The 90s main character glow is all about having those perfectly rosy cheeks and a subtle sun-kissed look. We have blush and bronzer shades that will help you achieve that sought-after radiance. 

If it’s natural flush or a more dramatic sculpted effect you’re going for, these products will make sure you stay in the spotlight.
Photo from Teree Daisuke (@tereedaisuke in Instagram)

Photo from Megan Young (@meganbata in Instagram)

The 90s main character energy is definitely back and stronger than ever. With the help of Strokes Beauty Lab's wide range of makeup products, you can effortlessly achieve this iconic look IRL! 

From flawless skin to bold brows, sultry eyes, luscious lips, and a radiant complexion, we have everything you need to become the main character of your own story. Embrace the nostalgia and make a statement with your makeup—because you deserve to shine like a true 90s icon!


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