Catch a million sights with a single look...

Surpr-eyes! Strokes is back with new #BeautifulAnyDay essentials, and we’re bringing it back to -- you guessed it -- eye beauty!

It’s time to claim that #EyeDefineAnyDay with an eye look to captivate every beholden sight. All you’ll need? The Wing Flick and the Slick Gel Eyeliners.


The Wing Flick Eyeliner 

Bid adieu to the days when the perfect eyeliner wing for both eyes was considered a miracle! The Wing Flick Eyeliner is your newest go-to liquid eyeliner that - true to its name - will give you a flawless wing in a flick.

Infused with Vitamin C, Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins, and Hyaluronic Compounds, it protects and nourishes the skin, and volumizes the lashes with every glide.

Experience it to believe it! It'll be a breeze creating this classic wing eyeliner look.


The Slick Gel Eyeliner

You’ve been struck by a smooth gel eyeliner so easy to use it should be criminal. This no-tug, waterproof and smudge-proof #EyeDefineAnyDay essential will tug the heartstrings of those who meet your effortlessly slick eyes.  

Enriched with Vitamin E, Plant-based Squalane, and Inca Ichi, it also protects and conditions the skin and volumizes the lashes!

Always wanted that Twiggy eye? Then go get it, Beautiful!


Now the Wing Flick and the Slick Gel Eyeliners together make for a Slick Flick Duo, and here are all the creative looks you can conjure up with the two to prove it!

#EyeDefineAnyDay starting today! Shop the Wing Flick and the Slick Gel Eyeliners now exclusively on strokes.ph!

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