Give Your Nails The “Clean Girl” Look At Your Next Manicure Appointment

Nail art is like makeup, you can opt to keep your digits (or face) sleek or playful! Plus, makeup trends can even translate to nail art—like when Hailey Bieber’s viral
sugar plum fairy makeup got a nail-inspired version.

So, if you thought the “clean girl” aesthetic was going to be retired in 2024, you guessed wrong. “Clean girl” nails are going to be the next go-to of those who love wearing gels, acrylics, and nail stickers!

Clean girl nails are also known as “soft nails,” but in this case, soft doesn’t mean brittle or damaged; it refers to gentle colors that appear calm, confident, and collected. Take this creme manicure below, for example. It’s paired with a rounded nail shape, making it the perfect classic manicure for any life event!

Do all clean girl nails have to be rounded? Yes, but the length can vary. Sharp, stiletto nails or square cuts are gorgeous but better suited for whimsical designs! With the clean girl, she’s chic, neat, and basic—but in a good way.

Of course, you can still have fun with clean girl nails! You can experiment with unique French tip designs like dotting gold nail polish on the tips.

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Or, for something cute and tart, add cherries on top!

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Want to add some drama to your clean girl nails? Add variations of the same color on each nail! You can do French tips on two fingers and place a heart on one finger as an accent design. 

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Contrary to what clean girl nails look, your (or your nail technician’s) creativity can run wild—experiment with nail lengths, mix pastels with sheer polishes, and do accent art! Strokes Nail Spa & Wellness Studio's professional nail technicians will be able to give you your dream nail design. 

Want to book an appointment soon? Drop a text or call at 0917 102 5189. Or if you’re in Quezon City, drop by Strokes Nail Spa & Wellness Studio at Ayala Malls Vertis North! Be prepared for a day of pampering as the head-to-toe beauty and wellness sanctuary includes hand and foot facials, eye relief treatments for those who love getting lash extensions, hair removal services, and reflexology massages!

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