Gold On Her Lips

A win that sparked joy in all Filipinos and brought an end to a struggling Olympic record. Hidilyn Diaz lifted (pun intended) our spirits as she persevered her way through to not only bring home the gold, but to proudly represent our country.

The gold medal is truly something to celebrate, but Hidilyn has reminded us and encouraged us to have our victory, a victory that she has won and has contributed to her weightlifting journey.

In her past competitions, Hidilyn was never shy to amplify her beauty through her makeup and it’s seen from her recent win. She steps on the platform with determination on her face. Makeup lightly brushed on her face and a beautiful nude colour was painted on her lips.

But the nude shade isn’t her staple colour. Hidilyn Diaz always confronts her challenges with finesse and confidence with a bold red lip. A simple detail that most people would overlook, but to Hidilyn, it symbolises confidence and bravery. A detail that exhibits strength in the face of her challenges. She embraced the bold red lip as she embraced her beauty.

Photo Credit @hidilyndiaz on instagram 

 “One thing I learned is that I can be beautiful whenever I compete. We are beautiful in our own ways and as Filipinas, we are also strong” - Hidilyn Diaz

The victory she had to win? The battle that is in her heart. Learning from her fears and overcoming her insecurities led her to who she is now. A winner to all Filipinos and a winner to all women.

Diaz’ heroic win is not only a victory for Filipinos, but her gold medal is an empowering icon to women all over the world. A male-dominated sport did not break her spirit but encouraged her to persevere more to show that women can. 

An unforgettable moment that we witnessed won’t only go down in Philippine history but will be proudly carried in the hearts of women. 


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