How To Find Your Perfect Contour and Bronzer Shades

By now, you’ve probably seen Face Sculpt’s (P498) newest packaging. She’s hefty, sleek, and will look good in any makeup bag! But before you add it to your cart, ask yourself if you’re getting the right shades first. The wrong contour and bronzer can make you look either muddy or orange—not cute! 

Below, we explain the differences between what you use for snatch-ifying your cheekbones and what you use to make you look like you’re being bathed by the sun.

How is contour different from bronzer?

Contouring sculpts and shapes your face by adding shadows. Think: a painter adding darker tones on a canvas to highlight certain areas and diffuse others! Because contouring has to look natural, products often come in matte finishes and taupe undertones.

Bronzer, on the other hand, is used to make you appear sun-kissed or like you have a tan. If you accidentally bought a lighter shade of foundation, a bronzer can help restore balance. Like contouring makeup, its formula can be matte, but some have a radiant finish to add more glow to the skin.

Where do you place each one on your face?

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A contour color can be placed under your cheekbones—depending on your preference, you can choose to end it just before your eye area or extend it downwards towards your chin—to slim full cheeks. It’s also used to define and shape your nose and to “chisel out” your jawline!

With its warm brown tones, bronzer is placed on top of cheekbones, on your temples, hairline, and jawline. Apply some on your decollete, too, to ensure your face and chest match! 

What is “brontour”?

It’s the middle color of a contour and bronzer! While contour makeup is heavily cool-toned and bronzer warm, a brontour shade is somewhat a mix between the two so you can shape your face while still adding warmth. What you’ll love about brontour is you’ll only need one product for your whole face!

So, what’s your perfect shade?

Strokes Cosmetics Face Sculpt comes in 6 shades to suit various fair to tan Filipino skin tones! On the contour side are Peanut and Mochaccino, muted taupes that blend like a dream for the ultimate skin-like finish. 

On the bronzer side are Tortilla, Cinnamon, and Espresso—various shades of brown that add diffused warmth to the skin.

Can’t forget about Almond! Like the nut it’s named for, it has a neutral/warm hue that’s the perfect brontour for light to medium skin tones. It’s just right and can easily be blended anywhere on your face.

So, are you going for natural or dramatic? Since it’s super blendable and buildable, you can get away with using a darker shade. Just remember to be light-handed. It’s better to add more than to remove! 

Face Sculpt is the only tool you need to add structure and definition to your face. 

Add to cart today! Face Sculpt is available at, TikTok Shop, Shopee, or Lazada. Or, you can visit Strokes Eye Beauty Studio’s branches at Ayala Vertis North, Shangri-La Plaza, Greenbelt, or Molito!

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