Lazy Brow Routine for Busy Gals Who Still Want To Look On Fleek


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding time for an elaborate makeup routine can be a challenge. But fear not, busy gals! You can still rock flawless brows with our quick and easy Lazy Brow Routine. We've curated the perfect combination of products to help you achieve those on-point brows without spending hours in front of the mirror. 

You only need these cult-favorite products from Strokes Beauty Lab! Add these to your makeup bag and soon you’ll swear by them to your friends and fellow busy makeup enthusiasts. 

Taming the Wild with the Brow Fixer 

Start your Lazy Brow Routine by taming those unruly brows with our Brow Fixer. This  strong-holding and long-wearing invisible brow gel is a game-changer, keeping your brow hairs in place throughout the day. The clear formula ensures a natural look, and the brush effortlessly shapes your brows with a few swipes. Say goodbye to messy brows in seconds!

Define and Blend with the Brow Sculptor Duo

Now, let's define those brows with our Brow Sculptor Duo. The pencil is perfect for filling in any sparse areas with precision, while the attached spoolie ensures a seamless blend. 

The dual-ended design means you have everything you need in one convenient tool. Sculpt, fill, and blend – it's that easy! It also comes in four diverse shades to match your hair color.

Natural Precision with the Microblade Pen Perfector

For those days when you want that extra touch of precision, our Microblade Pen Perfector has got your back. 

Mimic the look of natural brow hairs with its bleed-proof and long-wearing detailing pen that fills in and defines natural-looking brows, with an ultra fine brush tip that creates the thinnest hair-like strokes for microblade-worthy effects without the blade. 

The microblade effect adds dimension, giving you brows that are on fleek with minimal effort.

The Finishing Touches with the Brow Colorist

Complete your Lazy Brow Routine with our Brow Colorist. This product adds a subtle hint of color, enhancing the overall look of your brows. The easy-to-use applicator ensures a mess-free application, leaving you with brows that are not only tamed but also beautifully colored for a natural finish.

Our Lazy Brow Routine proves that achieving perfect brows doesn't have to be time-consuming. Embrace the lazy glam and let your brows do the talking, even on your busiest days. Because being busy should never mean sacrificing your fabulousness!

Ready to simplify your brow game? Check out our Brow Collection now and discover the secret to looking on fleek with minimal effort. 

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