Cupid’s arrow strikes once, but when it lands, it stays.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and though every waking moment is a good enough reason to shower someone with love, there’s nothing wrong with making the most out of the official month of romance.

So if you’re having a difficult time deciding what to get your special someone (yourself included, because self-love is > than any kind of love), then allow us to play Cupid!

Check out this Valentine’s Day gift idea list that will end your “loves me, loves me not?” dilemma:


1. Strokes of Love Bundles

What’s better than a bouquet is a bundle filled with all of his or her Strokes favorites that you can curate! You don’t even have to wrap this baby up thanks to its love-themed packaging. Another way to make it extra special? Leave a customized note on our Valentine’s Day card, because nothing sweet is better left unsaid!




2. Perfume

Ever caught a scent that took you back to a beautiful memory? Well, it’s time to create new ones! You can never go wrong with a good bottle of perfume. The trick is to know the preference, and there’s just three: strong, fruity, or subtle. Lock that down, then knock it outta the park with this gift!


3. A Day at the Strokes Eye Beauty Studio

Trust us when we say that a way to a woman’s heart is a self-care day! Prep your girl for date night by treating her to her favorite eyelash service at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio, and have her get a mani-pedi while you’re at it! 

We’re having a February-long special offer for all of our eyelash services, so check it out then book that appointment!

[embed: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKxj3dGgo3v/]


4. Wallet

Name one person who goes out of the house without their wallet. You can’t, but we’d bet you can name hundreds of people who can’t leave the house without it, because it's the essential of all essentials! It’s such a subtle but a constant reminder and representation of you for your special someone, and it honestly makes for a great subliminal message: “Can’t forget your wallet, can’t forget me!”


5. A Cozy & Romantic Date Night

Especially now that there are very few places we can go because it’s just not safe yet, a romantic night-in is a sure way to keep the Valentine’s Day spirit alive. Also, knowing that someone went the extra mile to give you the night of your dreams feels like being enveloped in the hug of a thousand rose petals, so yes, please!

Now go and add to cart the desires of the heart! 

From the Lab with love, Happy Valentine’s Day, Beautiful!

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