The Velvet Click Stick Collection is here, which also means that the day has come for you to #LipItUpAnyDay!

When you lip it up, your words and your stories are brought to life with clicks of confidence and splashes of velvet color that will stay with you all day, any day.

How, you may ask? Don’t you worry, Beautiful! We made sure you’ll get to make the most out of your new, beautiful journey. 

Here’s your #LipItUpAnyDay Guide prepared by the Lab with love:

  1. Click moderately, Beautiful! Trust us when we say that a click goes a long, beautiful, velvety way. 
  2. Embrace your multifaceted life! Know that you are everything you want to be and more, and that there’s a Velvet Click Stick shade for every role you want to play.
  3. Be fearless in sharing your stories! Your journey is what made you into the Beautiful you are today, so color your talk, liven up your stories, then watch yourself inspire the world.
  4. And lastly, keep our reminders in mind! Those confidence statements are there to uplift you, not only during your beauty routines, but for each  waking moment.

So! Ready to #LipItUpAnyDay? We’d bet the most gorgeous of strokes that you are, Beautiful!

Time to go shopping!


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