Makeup Trends That Will Make Huge Waves In 2024

2023 was the year makeup turned into food—from strawberry makeup and matcha makeup to latte makeup—and everyone wanted the “clean girl” look. But in 2024, things are taking a turn for the bold, at least according to various experts and the trends seen on Tiktok. Did we mention thinner brows are slowly going back in style? Check out how you can get the look here.

If you want a peek at what the future state of your beauty kit will look like, keep scrolling for the beauty trends you’ll soon want to try!

Doll-like blush

We all learned this year that placing blush on the high points of your cheekbones can give you a snatched and lifted effect. But soon, blush will be brought back to the apples of the cheeks to give you a more youthful appearance! To avoid looking like a clown, use a cream formula like the Strokes Crush Blush (P378); avoid packing on the pigment on your cheeks and blend the edges for a more diffused finish. 

‘90s ombre lips

A version of using dark lip liner paired with a nude lipstick is going to be one of 2024’s biggest trends. Instead of choosing the darkest liner and beigest lipstick you have, check the natural tones of your lips and accentuate that! 

A good rule to follow is using a lip liner and lipstick from the same color family. So, if your lips naturally look rosy, go for a lipstick in that hue—like the Strokes Mousse Melt in Mauve Blossom (P398), a pretty MLBB shade—and line your lips with a dark rose lip liner. Blend them together for a natural ombre effect.

A matte base with a twist

In humid Philippines, a matte foundation helps makeup last longer on our skin. Which is why you’ll be happy to know naturally matte skin is predicted to be all the rage in 2024! Instead of layering products with a dewy finish, it’ll be about strategically placing shine on the places that need it, while keeping the rest matte (but not flat, of course). The Strokes Soft Veil Filter Foundation (P548) is the perfect product to achieve this look as it blurs imperfections and plumps and hydrates the skin!

Shiny lips

It may be time to call it, but a matte lip (of 2016 liquid lipstick fame) is officially over. Plus, since mask-wearing isn’t required anymore, there’s no need to worry about our lipsticks smudging and smearing everywhere. Now, and in 2024, it’s leaning towards bare lips with a bit of color and lots of shine.

You don’t need more proof than when the Strokes Silk Kiss (P348) blew up online! The tinted lip oil offers the right amount of color for a my-lips-but-better look, hydrates puckers, and leaves a chic shine even after you eat and drink!

Which makeup trend are you excited to try in 2024? Don’t forget to cop some of Strokes Beauty Lab’s products to help you achieve them.

Strokes Beauty Lab is available at, Zalora, Lazada, and Shopee.


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