Perfecting the Microblade Pen Perfector

Ultra-fine and defined. Sleek and natural. 

It's the brow product that achieves any look for any occasion. Curated by the brow experts we know today to ensure we face the world with confidence.

The Microblade Pen Perfector is the hero product of the Brow Artist Collection, and every hero has a story to tell. How it became the product we all have grown to love and how it came to be. 

Momoi Supe, the founder of Strokes Beauty Lab and Brow Expert, shared to us his personal side of the story and expressed his love to the people who have been supporting Strokes Beauty Lab. 

The Idea

Before Strokes Beauty Lab, Momoi Supe pioneered the only eye beauty studio in the Philippines, Strokes Eye Beauty Studios. Although the studio was making a name for itself, he didn’t want the quality of his services to be limited in a room. 

He wanted to convert his services to a DIY product. A quality product that had the effect of microblading yet pocket friendly. Momoi Supe wanted to let the people experience Strokes in the palm of their hands. 

 At that moment, the idea of the Microblade Pen Perfector was born.

The Process

Momoi Supe knew what he wanted.

Throughout the production process, his constant thoughts were of the formula and its requirements. A quality brow pen that was long-lasting and bleed-proof, a tip that was ultra-thin to create hair-like strokes. It needed to have the Microblading effect.

But he didn’t stop there.

A quality brow pen doesn’t stop at the formula, it should be the entire package. He thought of the people who would use the product and how they would feel when they use the product. That when they use the product, he wants them to experience the feeling of glamour, prestige, and premium.

Momoi Supe decided to level up the packaging.

The Moment

After 10 revisions of the formula, they finally had the perfect one.

Momoi Supe recalls holding the pen with the final formula, testing it on his hand, and there it was. The ultra-fine tip he aimed the product to have, the bleed-proof and long-lasting formula, and most importantly, the hair-like strokes. 

It was the formula that exceeded his standards.

This is the Microblade Pen Perfector.

The Now

A year has gone by and today hits the day of when they first launched Strokes Beauty Lab.

At the height of the pandemic, Momoi Supe made a bold move to launch Strokes Beauty Lab and its first collection, the Brow Artist Collection. And although it was a tough decision to make, he said that it was worth it. 

He expressed that the year happened so fast, he didn’t expect the company to be welcomed with so much love from the people. Gaining a huge amount of following on Instagram, the recent 9.9 sale was the company’s highest sales day, and continuously releasing products that the people love. 

It was the thought of people knowing Strokes Beauty Lab that made him stop and take a moment. They know the brand and they love it.

It brought him to an emotional state. 

A Message from Momoi Supe

We asked him if he wanted to say a short message to the people who have shown their support to Strokes Beauty Lab, and the first words that came out gave light to what he values and prioritizes.

“We will keep our promise to provide you with quality products you deserve. Products that are pocket friendly and will never be out of reach for anyone. 

We won’t compromise the values we have, especially the trust you have in us. 

Thank you for constantly supporting Strokes Beauty Lab.”


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