Mistletoes are green, bells ring out the blues
We’re ringing in the holidays 
With Strokes of silk for you!

Strokes has got its own set of traditions, but one that lives on even outside the holiday season is this: tie up beauty with care, from the first stroke to the last.

And that tradition & promise is fulfilled now more than ever with the release of the Silk Kiss Collection, a line of weightless & buildable lip oils that leave a long-lasting crystalline finish and a mentholated feel!

Strokes is now glossing up its #LipItUpAnyDay promise, so here’s a crash course on your newest add to cart must-haves:


1. A beauty & skincare essential in one

A healthy canvas is the key to glowing beauty, and the Silk Kiss lip oils see this through from the first glide thanks to Revidrate: its key ingredient that recreates the skin’s own natural moisture for all-day inside and out lip hydration.

This one, you can literally leave on overnight, and awake with hydrated, silk-smooth lips!


2. Absorbent oil, stay-on color

How these lip oils work their magic is that its oil component is absorbed by the lips, but the luminous splash of color and glimmer of gloss remains. That’s how the fresh, au naturale & glassy look is achieved and perfected! All with a stroke or two.


3. To glow or to glow up

Aside from using it on its own for a subtle pop of glossy color or as a lip treatment tool to leave on overnight, it also makes for a great topper! Top your velvet with silk to double the hydrating effects while glazing up your #LipItUpAnyDay look!


4. Five shades of silk

One of the best feats of the Velvet Click Sticks was that the shades were for-all, and the Lab made sure to continue the love for all!

The Silk Kiss lip oils come in five glossy shades made for inclusive suitability and any day wear: Marionette Pink, Misty Amethyst, Passionate Peach, Tempting Red, Very Berry -- all complementary and as beautiful as you.


It’s time to level up your #LipItUpAnyDay game by coloring the talk with gloss, Beautiful! 

See the standard-breaking promises of Strokes fulfilled every waking, talking, and shining moment.

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