Strokes Partnered With "Women In Focus" To Celebrate Women From All Walks Of Life

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio and Strokes Beauty Lab founder and Master Artist Momoi Supe is one of the biggest allies and champions of women. He not only makes them feel beautiful, but he gives every Filipina a friend they can lean on during both bad and good times.

He has become an ally to modern women by enhancing their confidence and showing off their most beautiful selves through products and services that deliver quality and long-lasting results. What you get whenever you have your brows done by Momoi Supe, or purchase one of his makeup artist-approved products, is a way to feel like you can conquer even the toughest challenges.

It’s not surprising, then, that Supe was asked to speak at the “Women In Focus” exhibit on March 17, 2024 at the Fashion Walk, Greenbelt 5.

In celebration of Women’s Month this March, the exhibit focused on the works of internationally acclaimed photographer Niccolo Cosme, in collaboration with celebrity fashion designer Nat Manilag. Both are women empowerment allies who have continuously provided platforms for women to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

Supe immediately said yes to being part of “Women In Focus” as “being in the brow industry for the past seven years… [each] three hours of a brow appointment blooms into meaningful relationships that have affected the way I do things, in more ways than you can imagine.”

Supe continued that some brow appointments even mark the beginning of some women’s journeys. “From cancer survivors to battered wives, abused women, and mental health fighters—I have bonded, cried, and laughed with these women as I do their brows.”

If you’ve ever wondered what those phrases on the side of Strokes’ products mean, it’s because Supe “brought these stories as I expanded my brand. When I was designing the cosmetics arm of Strokes, I made sure that all of our products would hold a simple confidence statement on every single item: I am resilient; I am confident; I am beautiful.”

Every time you take a Strokes product from your makeup kit, you’re immediately greeted with a statement that instantly makes you feel good.

Through Supe’s dedication to providing quality services and products, he has created more than just a brand—he's built a community where women feel supported, understood, and celebrated. With each stroke of a needle, or a brow pencil, Momoi Supe's mission to instill confidence and resilience in every woman shines through, making Strokes not just another cosmetic brand or a beauty treatment studio but a beacon of empowerment in the Philippines—and abroad.

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