There’s a new Helen of Troy in town, and her name is The Brow Artist Collection.

But there’s no war here -- just an online parade of unity among thousands and thousands of beauty enthusiasts who have found their new brow best friend!

The Brow Artist Collection has officially redefined eyebrow beauty flawlessness with its five revolutionary products that promises everyday confidence in this new era of beauty, and this promise has now been embraced and celebrated by thousands (literally!).

Among this sea of #BrowtifulAnyDay looks is a common undeniable denominator: they all look so heartbreakingly beautiful that we might actually go to war for them. See some of the thousand varieties of eyebrow perfection above!

And it’s evident that it’s more than just the makeup and the on-fleek level; it’s the outpouring of confidence in their beauty and trust in the collection that sailed this Manila-born ship out into the world so effortlessly, elegantly, and majestically.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on board the Thousand Brow Ship now! Take a #Browtiful selfie and make sure to use the #BrowtifulAnyDay hashtag and tag @strokesbeautylab ! 

The Microblade Pen Perfector, Brow Painter, Brow Sculptor Duo, Brow Colorist, and Brow Fixer are now ready to make your brows as classic and as unforgettable as an old story about the wondrous and poignant effects of beauty.

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