All eyes on you, with just a stroke of two...

If you don’t believe that two is better than one, then allow us to show you what you’d be missing out on.

Strokes is back with a new #EyeDefineAnyDay essential that will paint the windows to the soul with compelling colors and divine shine.

Meet the Eye Paint Duos!

A line of ease-proof, waterproof and long-lasting dual-ended liquid eye shadows that combine a rich, silky matte formula on one side and a sheer metallic shimmer on the other.

You know how they say that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well, the Eye Paint Duo has two on each end -- one’s a vibrant matte, the other’s an incandescent sheer shimmer.

It boasts of a Vitamin E key ingredient, which moisturizes the skin and promotes healthy hair growth, because true beauty heals, Beautiful!

The unique and creamy formula delivers the intensity, and makes for an impressive staying power of up to 12 hours (tried and tested!). So you don’t have to worry about oily lids or the summer heat -- the Eye Paint Duos were made to stick with you all day long.

It comes in six (6) universal shades for inclusive suitability and any day wear:

Truffle Dazzle 
A hazelnut brown to dazzle any gaze

Desert Flare 
A tender amber to bring out the fierceness of the wild


Plum Prism 
A twilight plum for a genuine illumination

Purple Luster 
A lavender blush for a radiant polish


Bronzed Chocolate 
A russet bronze for a warm, alluring glow

Midnight Galaxy 
A galactic steel dark grey for an out-of-this-world edge


All designed in California and made in Taiwan of responsibly sourced global ingredients, you are in for another pocket-friendly quality beauty treat, as the Eye Paint Duos retail for only P428.00 each!

Today’s the day to define and shine, Beautiful! Shop now!

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