Take it from these stars, the secret to glowing, toned skin is a little TLCtender lovin’ cold.

Yup, you read that right! Cold. It might sound crazy to consider adding icing your face to your skincare ritual, but it actually makes a lot more sense than you’d think. You apply ice to your body to ease pain and swelling, and the effect will be the same, too, on your face. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pun intended.

Cold therapy or cryotherapy yields a number of benefits such as tightening the skin, eliminating puffiness, reducing redness, easing acne, soothing sunburn, and even boosting your skin’s healthy glow. 

These benefits are enough to make some of our favorite celebrities love using cryotherapy tools such as Cryo Freeze Sticks. These tools in particular are easy and simple to use—just stow them in the freezer before using, then massage the sticks along your face. 

Check out these six stars from the runway to the screen who swear by this beauty tool, then head over to our page to shop your own!


1. Madonna

After all these years, Madonna still doesn’t look a day over 40. So what could be the queen of pop’s secret to her youthful glow? Between her full day of responsibilities, the singer shared that she reaches to her freezer for a special beauty tool to treat and sculpt her skin. 


2. Karlie Kloss

When she was younger, runway model Karlie Kloss used to keep spoons and stick them under her eyes to draw circulation and de-puff her face. Now, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel runs cryo freeze sticks on her face to keep her skin healthy and ready for makeup.


3. Kim Chiu

Filipina actress Kim Chiu spilled her skincare routine on YouTube. Since she spends a lot of time in front of the camera and under harsh lighting, the Chinita princess takes time to cool her face with cryo freeze sticks to close her pores and soothe her face.


4. Zoey Deutch

‘The Politician’ star Zoey Deutch finds the freeze sticks super handy after a long night’s rest. Sometimes, her eyes get puffy after hours of sleeping, so she sticks the beauty tool under her eyes to de-puff her skin.


5. Madelaine Petsch

How does ‘Riverdale’ star Madelaine Petsch always look radiant and glowing? The answer: a sacred and complicated 38-step beauty regime. While she uses multiple beauty products, her favorite tool has to be the cryo freeze sticks. The actress said her face is usually puffy in the morning, so a little cold therapy helps reduce the swelling.

You, too, can reap the many benefits that cryotherapy brings to the table. Add the Cryo Freeze Sticks to your cart, and feel the chilling effects of this handy beauty tool now!

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