This Lip Oil Will Make Your Puckers Irresistible On Valentine’s Day

No matter what date you and your significant other planned for Valentine’s Day, it’s never complete without kissable lips. While most would go for a transfer-proof option that won’t leave a stain on cups, spoons, and your partner’s face, there’s something more exciting about wearing a lip product that delivers high shine and a splash of color!

Of course, it can be any lip gloss or lip oil. You have a variety to choose from! But why not go for one that will hydrate your lips while looking electrifying and, dare we say, tempting?

Meet Strokes Silk Kiss (P348))! It’s a lip tint, lip balm, and lip oil in one. It’s infused with RevidrateTM, which recreates your lips’ natural moisture to keep them looking plump and soft from day to night. No matter how often you reapply, it will always look yummy and kissable!

One swipe of fiery shades like Tempting Red or Blazing Orange provides a sheer look that will immediately brighten your face, while two swipes will give you a bolder pop.

If you rarely wear red or orange lips and don’t know what outfit to pair it with, don’t worry. Silk Kiss’ Tempting Red and Blazing Orange are as versatile as a nude lipstick. Their final color depends on your natural lip hue, as the lip oil can be customized to your preferences!

On Valentine’s Day, if you’re having a fancy date, wear Tempting Red with a little black dress, kitten heels, and a mini bag.

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If it’s something more casual and you’ll spend the day strolling around, go for a white linen skirt and a dark tank top with your Blazing Orange puckers. You can do any color combination as it’ll still make your lips look good!

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Taking a pottery class with your besties for Galentine’s? A white tank top with cargo pants will look complete once you swipe Tempting Red on!

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Of course, you can have a fun Galentine’s date night, too! Swap your jeans and tee for a flowy ankle-length dress and extra layers of Blazing Orange for a dinner full of gossip and laughter.

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Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. As long as you have a loved one, you can totally celebrate! 

Make this V-Day an extra memorable one with Silk Kiss! Add it to your cart by visiting Strokes Beauty Lab at, TikTok Shop, Shopee, or Lazada. Or, you can visit Strokes Eye Beauty Studio’s branches at Ayala Vertis North, Shangri-La Plaza, Greenbelt, or Molito!

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