What Does Being High Or Low Visual Weight Mean For Your Makeup?

Photo and Video from: https://www.tiktok.com/@_zeya/video/7322551266012450080

You’ve probably noticed a few girls and guys on TikTok using a filter with two different types of makeup. And you might have seen the words “high visual weight” or “low visual weight” somewhere in the video! But what do they mean?

Throughout makeup history, trends have always been divided into two camps: “barely there,” “no-makeup,” and “clean girl makeup” versus looks that are “grungey,” “glamorous,” and “edgy”. 

Which side do you think suits you best? That’s what being high or low visual weight means! The Tiktok filter lets you see if you look better with smokey eyes and dark lips or soft lashes with a your-lips-but-better lipstick color.

If you’ve already figured out you’re a low or high visual weight, here are the products you can use to best accentuate your face! 

Note: It’s not uncommon to find both sides of the filter looking good on you. If that happens, lucky you, you get to play with more looks!

Low Visual Weight Makeup Essentials

  • Concealer
  • Low visual weight is all about getting a your-skin-but-better look, and concealer is the best way to achieve it! Spot Veil Concealer’s (P398) featherweight formula blurs blemishes and lines to create a smoother appearance, without making you look cakey. Apply it only on areas you want to brighten or hide so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing much makeup.

  • Blush 
  • Rosy cheeks are a must when you’re a low visual weight. Crush Blush’s (P378) lightweight cream texture will make getting a natural flush effortless as it’s easy to blend and suits a variety of skin tones.

  • Lip Oil
  • Everything about the low visual weight look is supposed to look natural and effortless—like you woke up like that. Instead of swiping on a fully saturated lipstick, go for Silk Kiss (P348) which is a tinted lip oil! Not only will it hydrate your lips throughout the day, but it will also leave a beautiful hint of color for that pretty pout.

  • Brow Pen 
  • Brow Painter (P498) is the brow product if you want to make your arches look thicker, but not like you actually took time to fill them in. Its sheer formula delivers just the right amount of color to define your eyebrows!

  • Mascara or Lash Extensions
  • Fluttery lashes are a must-have for low visual weights—it completes the look by highlighting your eyes and balancing everything out. Focus the product on the roots of your lashes to make your lashes look thicker and like you have subtle eyeliner on!

    High Visual Weight Makeup Essentials

  • Foundation 
  • Beautifully perfected skin is the name of the game for high visual weights. And no one is up to the task better than the Soft Veil Filter Foundation (P548). It has medium to full blurring coverage, working like a real-life filter. Don’t worry, your skin will still be hydrated at the end of the day, thanks to its Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid-infused formula!

  • Contour or Bronzer 
  • Wearing high visual weight makeup doesn’t mean it’ll look heavy. With Face Sculpt’s (P398) ultra-creamy formula that melts into your skin, your face will look naturally sculpted from day to night.

  • Dark Lipstick 
  • The go-to lip shade for high visual weights is between a deep rose and a berry hue. Mousse Melt by Kim Chiu’s Burnt Azalea (P398) is perfect for this look! The muted brown red’s gel-cream formula leaves a gorgeous pop of color on your pout and can be layered to deepen its hue for a more night-appropriate look. 

    Tip: Mousse Melt also works as an eyeshadow! Use an eyeshadow brush to subtly blend it on your lids.

  • Brow Detailing Pen
  • Want to look like you have microbladed brows without going through a long-term commitment? You’ll love the Microblade Pen Perfector (P498)! The bleed-proof and long-wearing brow detailing pen lets you draw the thinnest of hairs to create well-defined arches.

  • Brow Gel 
  • Of course, a high visual weight’s eyebrows are never complete without laminating them. Brow Fixer’s (P398) longer-sided brush coats each strand from root to tip, while the flatter side instantly shapes and sets them in place. No need to worry about flaking or drooping with this product!

  • Fake Lashes
  • When you wear such glamorous makeup, mascara isn’t enough (unless you’re blessed with extra thick and long eyelashes). Enter: fake lashes! They instantly open up your eyes and complete your look. If you don’t like the feeling of wearing removable fake lashes, though, you can always get Strokes’ Bespoke Lashes (starts at P2,500). They last for a few months and are ultra lightweight—each individual hair is glued to your actual lash line so it looks more natural.

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner, no matter what shape or form it takes, is always a good idea for high visual weights. It brings out your peepers, plus it can accentuate their shape!

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