It’s care cut from the same cloth...

Peanut butter and jelly, Mary Kate and Ashley, an LBD and heels—alone, these things are already great in their own respects, but putting them together? Sheer perfection in the form of a dynamic duo.

On the page of “perfect pairings” are Belo and Strokes, who came together to bring our sights to new heights through the #BelofEYEwithStrokes campaign. Both bring services for all of your eye beauty needs: on one hand, Belo offers amazing services to keep your skin in its most vibrant and rejuvenated state. And on the other, Strokes gives you that extra oomph to make your everyday look effortlessly elevated.

How, you may ask? 

First, achieve a fresh and fierce daily look with Strokes’ brow and lash services! Instagram-ready #BrowGoals are just an appointment away! You’ve got a choice from pamper packages like Brow Sculpting, Eyebrow Tinting, and Eyebrow Threading. There are also brow-care products available at the Studios to keep your eyebrows in tiptop shape.

The wispy, luscious lashes of your dreams are within your reach, too! You’ve got four lash services to choose from to suit your style through Strokes: KeraLift, KLashes, K-Airlash, and KeraLush.

But looking great shouldn’t be where your pampering ends. Sure, you can get gorgeous lashes and brows, but why not take the self-care even further by giving your actual eyes and your skin the love they need, too? You’ve already got a foot dipped in the pampering waters so why not dive in?

This is where #BelofEYE comes in: services that care for your peepers. And we’re giving you a quick glimpse (pun intended) at what you’re getting from these pampering sessions: tightening the skin around your eyes, reducing redness, lightening those dark circles, and getting that angelic glow. All of these benefits, and more, are enjoyable through services such as Thermage FLX Eyes, Angel Whitening Eyes, BioNutriGlow; and FillMed Products such as the Eye cream and the Eye Recover Mask.

See how these services go hand in hand? Not only will you look good on the outside with your gorgeous brows and lashes; you’ll feel good, too, with your restored and radiant skin! Now go ahead and give yourself the most relaxing, beautifying day you deserve!

Shoot us a DM on our Instagram account to get your #BelofEYEwithStrokes vouchers!

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