A 101 on an always-10/10 lash game!

By now, you’ve probably heard that Strokes Eye Beauty Studio is having an irresistible February-long offer for its lash services. If not, then check this out!

And if you need help figuring out which lash service best suits your eye beauty needs, then keep reading, because your lash wish is about to get granted by your genie of genius strokes!

Strokes is currently offering four kinds of lash services, namely: KeraLift, KLashes, KAirlash, and KeraLush.


1. KeraLift

It’s natural made phenomenal! Perfect for peaches who want what they have to speak for itself, KeraLift, well, lifts your natural lashes to its full reverse-ocean-wave potential! This Strokes-exclusive keratin-infused lash lift treatment also makes your lashes stronger and healthier in the long run, so it’s an actual beauty fix. Oh, and it’s also the only FDA-approved lash lift in the country!


2. KLashes

Because hallelujah, we live in an era where eyelash extensions are a thing! The KLashes, is a go-to service for those who want an added flair to their lash look with the help of premium, synthetic but realistic hair-like extensions. This service boasts of a one-in-an-industry technique taught by an actual Korean eyelash extensions master, and it comes in four styles:

Classic KLashes

Natural or Volume, extensions that make for an effortlessly striking gaze.

Classic Natural recommended for all eye shapes


Classic Volume recommended for round eye shapes


Warm KLashes

Brown extensions for a pop of look and color.
Recommended for all eye shapes.

Wing KLashes

Lashes arranged for a winged eyeliner effect.
Recommended for round eye shapes

Wispy KLashes 

Short or Long, both for varying intensities of a charming doll-eye-like effect.

Short Wispy KLashes recommended for almond-shaped eyes
Long Wispy KLashes recommended for all eye shapes, especially for almond-shaped eyes


3. K-Airlash

If you’re a “more is more” kinda gal, then we agree that whoever said “less is more” has never experienced the K-Airlash magic! Combining the treating and beautifying effects of the KeraLift and KLashes, the K-Airlash promises a dramatic finish that will make your red carpet dreams come true every second of every day!

4. KeraLush

This is for the grow and the glow up that your lashes deserve! The KeraLush is our eyelash growth treatment for those who are in for a more long-term fix. After all, lashes for days are all we really need for the rest of our days!


Everything is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and is just waiting to be enjoyed by you, so shoot @strokesbeautyph a DM now to book your special February lash offer appointment at the nearest Strokes Eye Beauty Studio!

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